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Παρασκευή, 17 Δεκεμβρίου 2010

Nazis, US, EU and Henry Kissinger

The speech of Christopher Story in the British Parliament

Τελικά ξέρουν οι Ἐλληνες πως να πληρώνουν τα δανεικά του Δ.Ν.Τ

Τρίτη, 14 Δεκεμβρίου 2010

A secret history of EU

After World War II, the Ger man geopoliti cians (act ing at the direc tion of the lead ers of the Under ground Reich under Mar tin Bor mann) pur sued a sim i lar tack. Threat en ing neu tral ity, or even an alliance with the Sovi ets, the Ger mans were able to manip u late the U.S. into woo ing Ger many as an ally– –grant ing it renewed eco nomic and mil i tary power and re-installing Nazis in posi tions of great influ ence. Kevin Coogan’s remark able text Dreamer of the Day: Fran cis Parker and the Post war Fas cist Inter na tional con tains an excel lent con tem po rary account of this phe nom e non. Lis ten ers are emphat i cally encour aged to read the Coogan text as a sup ple ment to the Tetens book (which was pub lished in 1953.)

In 1950, the Madrid Geo-political Cen ter (a Nazi think tank oper at ing in exile under the friendly aus pices of fas cist dic ta tor Franco) dis cussed the suc cess ful real iza tion of the Reich’s plan to go under ground. (These plans were described by Curt Reiss in The Nazis Go Under ground. The Nazi groom ing and instal la tion of Franco, whose coun try was an impor tant base for the post war Reich activ i ties, is dis cussed in Falange by Alan Chase.) The fol low ing pas sage appears on page 73 of the Tetens text: “Accord ing to the Madrid Cir cu lar Let ter, referred to above, the Ger man plan ners have never ceased their polit i cal war fare against the Allies. They admit that they had ‘blue printed the bold plan and cre ated a flex i ble and smoothly work ing orga ni za tion,’ in order to safe guard Ger many from defeat and to bring Allied post-war plan ning to nought. They boast that they were able to cre ate total con fu sion in Wash ing ton, and that they saved Ger man heavy indus try from destruc tion: ‘By no means did the polit i cal and mil i tary lead er ship of the Third Reich skid into the cat a stro phe in an irra tional man ner as so many block heads and igno ra muses often tell us. The var i ous phases and con se quences of the so-called ‘col lapse’ . . . were thor oughly stud ied and planned by the most capa ble experts . . . Noth ing occurred by chance; every thing was care fully planned. The result of this plan ning was that, already a few months after Pots dam, the coali tion of the vic tors went on the rocks.’. . .”

The Madrid Cir cu lar Let ter goes on to set forth the course to be pur sued by Ger many, more star tlingly rel e vant from the van­tage point of early 2006 than in it was in 1950. The fol low ing is from page 52 of Tetens’ book:

“ ‘In view of the present polit i cal sit u a tion . . . the pol icy of ori en ta tion towards the West has lost all mean ing or sense. . . . We must not for get that Ger many has always con sid ered ori en ta tion towards the West as a pol icy of expe di ence, or one to be pur sued only under pres sure of cir cum stances. Such was the case in Napoleon’s time, after 1918, and also after 1945. All of our great national lead ers have con stantly coun seled the long-range pol icy of close coop er a tion with the East . . . .’” Fear of this dynamic drove the U.S. to accede to all of Germany’s demands for renewed power. “Anti-Communism Uber Alles!”

A stun ning mea sure of the suc cess of the Under ground Reich and Ger man Ost poli tik can be obtained by read ing Dorothy Thompson’s analy sis of Germany’s plans for world dom i nance by a cen tral ized Euro pean eco nomic union. (In this, we can see the plans of pan-German the o reti cian Friedrich List, as real ized by the Euro pean Mon e tary Union.) Ms. Thomp son was writ ing in The New York Her ald Tri bune on May 31, 1940! Her com ments are repro duced by Tetens on page 92.

“The Germans have a clear plan of what they intend to do in case of vic tory. I believe that I know the essen tial details of that plan. I have heard it from a suf fi cient num ber of impor tant Ger mans to credit its authen tic ity . . . Germany’s plan is to make a cus toms union of Europe, with com plete finan cial and eco nomic con trol cen tered in Berlin. This will cre ate at once the largest free trade area and the largest planned econ omy in the world. In West ern Europe alone . . . there will be an eco nomic unity of 400 mil lion per sons . . . To these will be added the resources of the British, French, Dutch and Bel gian empires. These will be pooled in the name of Europa Germanica . . .”

“The Ger mans count upon polit i cal power fol low ing eco nomic power, and not vice versa. Ter ri to r ial changes do not con cern them, because there will be no ‘France’ or ‘Eng land,’ except as lan guage groups. Lit tle imme di ate con cern is felt regard ing polit i cal orga ni za tions . . . . No nation will have the con trol of its own finan cial or eco nomic sys tem or of its cus toms. The Naz i fi ca tion of all coun tries will be accom plished by eco nomic pres sure. In all coun tries, con tacts have been estab lished long ago with sym pa thetic busi ness men and indus tri al ists . . . . As far as the United States is con cerned, the plan ners of the World Ger man ica laugh off the idea of any armed inva sion. They say that it will be com pletely unnec es sary to take mil i tary action against the United States to force it to play ball with this sys tem. . . . Here, as in every other coun try, they have estab lished rela tions with numer ous indus tries and com mer cial orga ni za tions, to whom they will offer advan tages in co-operation with Germany. . . .”

Again, check out the cur rent Euro pean Mon e tary Union and the “bor der less” EU against the back ground of what Ms. Thomp son fore cast in 1940 and Mr. Tetens repro duced in 1953.


Philip Agee: Inside the CIA (1995)

Philip Agee: Inside the CIA (1995)

Philip Agee, who served in the CIA for 12 years, talked about his new book, Inside the Company: The CIA Diary. He also projected the future of U.S. intelligence activities in the context of the current political debate in Washington. Topics include: Jamaica, the intelligence community, neo-fascism, fascism in Europe and the U.S., religion, counterintelligence failures, covert action, the CIA in Western Europe, covert action in Haiti, Guatemala, and Bulgaria, the Zapatista movement in Mexico, U.S. militias, government wiretapping, the United Fruit Company, the United Nations, and rigging elections

Κυριακή, 12 Δεκεμβρίου 2010

Αφού της δείξεις πόσο άντρας είσαι, πάρε της και ένα δώρο

Και έτσι να είσαι δε περνάς από την ασφάλεια του αεροδρομίου ...

Η άτυχη πήγε για κυνήγι εχθές και μυρίζει ακόμα μπαρούτι ...

Φωτιά στα μπατζάκια σας, αν έχετε ...

Μετά από την ερωτική μας σχέση με το Δ.Ν.Τ. βλέπω έτσι να ψηφίζουμε στο μέλλον ...